The Menagerie celebrates one year of Wellington variety

Press release:

Over the past year The Menagerie has been holding fantastic regular variety shows at 8pm on the last Saturday of the month at The Fringe Bar.

Since November 2013 The Menagerie stage has seen such diverse acts as Japanese rope bondage; a cupcake eating, opera singing accordionist; totally nude MCing; full body suspension from piercings; walking on swords and last month’s performance with a tesla coil and the lighting of a flaming torch with a tongue. Along with the usual array of selected comedians, burlesque performers, musicians, spoken word poets, magicians, singers and circus performers.

Producer Rachel Rouge says “I want to create as diverse a show as I can possibly make, every month. I spend a lot of time scouting and looking out for interesting and astounding acts. I want The Menagerie audience to always experience something they have never experienced before and probably never will experience again.”

“The November show is the last show of the year, and we already have some excellent acts lined up for 2015. Next year I also hope to find more specialty acts like sword swallowing, adagio (acrobalance), contact juggling, knife juggling, plate spinning and loads more. I’m always on the look out.”

Every show is totally different. The next show is on Saturday November 29th it’ll feature male pole dance, puppetry burlesque, looping cello, avant garde drag and loads more. The Menagerie then takes a break in December to return on the 31st of January.


November Poster 2014
Show is at 8pm at The Fringe bar, Wellington, Saturday the 25th of October.

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