Theatreview Review.. so good, it made us blush

Last night Thomas Aitken from Theatreview came along to see the show. He said lots of lovely things about our show including:

“freakishly eclectic mix of talented performers for a truly unique and raunchy variety show.”

“this evening is all about the beauty of live performance.”

“it is safe to assume that Rachel Rogue will continue to compile Wellington’s most diverse and eclectic variety show.”

“laugh inducing, tear jerking, thought provoking and body rolling carnival style goodness.”

You can read the full review here:

It was a grand night. Paradox Photography was there to catch some of the moments including MC Alice Brine‘s slow evolution throughout the show from stand up comic to variety show hostess.

Alice Brine
Alice Brine slowly went from stand up to cabaret queen throughout the night. Photo by Paradox Photography

All the acts were brilliant. From left to right, top to bottom: Seth Hoffman, Amourous Ava, Hadassah Grace, Hugo Grrl, James Nokise, Valerie VendettaRuby RuinMoira Mackenzie and Victor Victorious.

The acts from May 2015
The acts from The Menagerie May 2015 all brought their own magic.

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