Guest producer Eli Joseph brings new ideas and new talent

The Menagerie has been regularly entertaining and surprising audiences since 2013. It’s been called a “laugh inducing, tear jerking, thought provoking and body rolling carnival style goodness.” by TheatreView. This month producer Rachel Rouge is handing over the reins (but not the reign) to Vaudeville Inc producer Eli Joseph.

For just one show on August 29th Eli has curated a stunning line up of fresh and unique talent. The show will uphold the diversity of live performance The Menagerie has become known for. This show will feature comedy, poetry, plate spinning, singing, live music, contemporary dance, poi, and more.

This is the first time that The Menagerie owner Rachel Rouge has not curated the show herself “Eli is an incredibly talented producer, and he’s been a key figure in Wellington’s variety scene creating unique shows such as Zomburlesque and Mother Russia Cabaret. Eli has connections to a whole range of local performers and a canny knack for creating fantastic and entertaining events.”

Mr Joseph has taken to the task with a little trepidation. “Rachel has always had me helping out, working each Menagerie in one role or another. It’s been a great way to learn how a show of this genre comes together.”

“But when she asked me to source her performers, I was worried. The magic (and challenge) of the Menagerie is in finding eight diverse acts which work together to make a big, sexy, funny, weird, and professional show. Rachel’s really good at it, and she’s left some big sparkly heels for me to fill. I just hope I can run the show in them.”

Variety shows are always a collaborative process, performers work together with each other and the producer to bring new and interesting ideas to life. When two established producers collaborate together magic can happen.

August Poster 2015
Show is at 8pm at The Fringe bar, Wellington, Saturday the 29th of August, guest produced by Eli Joseph.

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