The Menagerie in April is a one-time-only lounge gig

For this month only, The Menagerie is being hosted in a special pop-up venue that also happens to be the home of Rachel Rouge – The Menagerie’s director. For the 30th of April, producer Harlow Lestrange, hopes to capture a quirky, fun and relaxed vibe, like no other house party you’ve ever been to.

“This show is going to be spectacular with a stunning line up of fabulous performers, and also so much more cosy and intimate with the audience seated on sofas and lounge chairs,” says Rachel Rouge, adding “I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone. I’m glad I have very tolerant flatmates.”

Rouge will also MC the show, which features a fabulous line up put together by Harlow Lestrange, including: Australian hula hoop burlesque artist Hannie Helsden, comedian Penny Ashton, local musician Benjamin Embers, drag king Hugo Grrrl, monsters Tangle and Dangle, cabaret artists The Dulcet Duo, general carnie mischief with Victor Victorious and the juggling brothers Zane and Degge.

Come be a part of this one-time only Menagerie experience on April 30th, 8pm at 40 Cuba Street. Doors open at 7pm.Tickets can be found on Eventfinder, or bought at the door on the night for $30 cash (no booking fees either way you decide to pay!).​

Poster 30 April 2016
Saturday, 30th April, 8pm at 40 Cuba Street, Wellington

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