This month’s show was curated with only one kidney.

The Menagerie’s show on the 30th of July at The Fringe Bar will be the first one Rachel Rouge has produced since she donated her kidney at the beginning of June. July’s show is a renal smooth operation.

This month’s performers include Ben Hurley, the recipient of many awards; SheShe Velour a burlesque singer recently transplanted from Australia; Stephen Wilbury who contact juggles with surgical precision; The Doubtful Sounds an A Capella choir with compatible voices that are a perfect match; The Aqua Breeze who’s circus elective is hula hoops; Tom Sutton is incredibly skilled in the artery of magic and illusion, but never vein about it; Victor Victorious a specialist performer, Menagerie family blood, who would dialysis for the show; Duncan Hope you’ll need a tissue for some of his beautiful poems, he knows how to use his best organ (his brain); and finally urine luck, our MC Mr Lola Illusion will open the keyhole, he’ll uncover and recover a night of altruistic joy.

“Since my laparoscopic nephrectomy I’ve had time to book some really fantastic acts for this show and for the rest of the year.” says Rouge.

So for your health, come along and willingly donate your time to enjoying Wellington’s monthly variety show. It won’t leave a scar, and laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you.

The Menagerie variety show is on at 8pm at The Fringe Bar, 28 Allen Street, Wellington. Tickets are $30 available from Eventfinder or for cash on the door.

The Menagerie is on the last Saturday of every month (except December). The Menagerie management promises that the show will not be full of kidney donation references. They think they’ve got it out of their urinary system now.

Saturday the 30th of JuLY, 8pm at The Fringe bar, Wellington
Saturday the 30th of JuLY, 8pm at The Fringe bar, Wellington

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