January 2018 Show


Pamela Hancock - The songstress of Bulls, The Menagerie variety show Wellington

Pamela Hancock – Songstress from Bulls

It’s the epitome of the Kiwiana gal, Miss Pamela Hancock. At 62, she performs at her local pub The Rat Hole every Friday night. Now a regular at Ivy Bar and Cabaret, S&M’s and other venues, Pam has a fan base that can’t get enough of her stories and songs. Every Tuesday she releases an episode of her 5 minute segment “Pam’s Ballad” and is always received with great responses.


Queenie Ives - Montreal gorelesque, The Menagerie variety show WellingtonQueeny Ives – Montreal gorelesque

Queeny Ives stormed pasties-first into the world of burlesque rather unexpectedly in 2016, when they tripped on a feather boa and fell into a bucket of fake blood and sequins. Queeny combines classical dance training, a retro-glam vintage aesthetic, and a desire to challenge social boundaries through art, all while being weird, wet and (almost) naked! This Canadian-based bombshell from ‘down-under’ previously trained at the Arabesque Burlesque School in Montreal, and the Sky Sirens Studio in Sydney. With a diverse and ever growing portfolio of acts spanning showgirl and striptease to aerial, fetish and gore-inspired burlesque, there’s a little bit of Queeny to please every palate.
www.queenyives.com | FB/queeny.ivesIG @queenyives

Erica Ward - Singer, The Menagerie variety show Wellington

Erica Ward – Singer

Inspired by the truly outrageous Jem and the Holograms, Erica has been making beautiful music all her life. An opera singer from age 17, she’s more recently discovered that her pretty pipes can belt with the best of them. She’s bringing her infectiously joyful performance to the Menagerie this January, and is excited to share a bit of glitter and glamour with her audience.

Margot von Dont - Fashionista, The Menagerie variety show Wellington

Margot von Dont – Fashionista

Margot is a world renowned fashion icon, stylist and life guru. She has spent just under a decade travelling the world, exploring life’s pleasures. Her life has been filled to the brim with eccentric, and wild tales, of which Margot is ready to share with the world. She’s very excited to return to her humble beginnings in Wellington, NZ, and get back to her roots, where the style truly began.
IG @fashionmargot


Bogan Yoga - Stretchercise gurus, The Menagerie variety show Wellington

Bogan Yoga – Stretchercise gurus

The girls are back! Bogan Yoga hit New Zealand as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival in 2015 creating a fitness craze that rocked Wellington. Ditching yoga pants in favour of Adidas three stripes and swapping world music with rock music, this trend raised some eyebrows and quite a few devil horn hand signs in the process. The team is thrilled to announce that especially for the Menagerie audience they will bring new sequences to the stage based on their combined expertise of years of research on drinking beer in lazy-boys. Sit back, grab a drink, get your flow on.
FB/boganyoganz | boganyoga.wordpress.com

Craig Savage - Stand up, The Menagerie variety show Wellington

Craig Savage – Stand up

Craig showed up on the Wellington comedy scene in 2015, and was proud to represent his adopted city at the 2016 National Raw Quest finals, even though he lost. His main aim in comedy is to show that Accountants like him can be just like real people. He has a healthy (and well justified) suspicion of Moroccan Bathhouses, and abhors dancing.



India Loveday - Broadway dancer, The Menagerie variety show Wellington
India Loveday – Broadway dancer

India has been dancing for over 16 years and loves every musical from the classic Oklahoma! to the fresh faced Hamilton. With a recent Diploma in Performing Arts (Singing) under her belt, India is performing in every musical she can get her hands on.



Sophia O'Connor - Aerialist, The Menagerie variety show Wellington

Sophia O’Connor – Aerialist 

Sophia is a multi-talented circus artist, dancer, and performer. This month she brings you a sneak peek at “The Composer” which will makes its world premiere in the Wellington Fringe Festival March 20-24th.
The Composer is a circus show set inside the brilliant mind of Franz Cordery as he struggles to put together his composition. It features work from up and coming Wellington talent Jackson Cordery, Connor Leech, Rhyanne Vasta and Sophia O’Connor.
FB/Sophia Thérèse Circus

Fanciforia Foxglove web

Fanciforia Foxglove – Burlesque beauty

An icon of the New Zealand burlesque industry, this born and raised showgirl packs a punch with every performance. She’s packed with more bubbles than champagne, more sparkles than the milky way, and more curves than a roller-coaster. Somehow she manages to cinch all that into one diminutive dynamo of razzle-dazzle. Hide your husbands, here comes Fanci!

FB/Fanciforia Foxglove


Brielle Williams and Eli Joseph - Producers, The Menagerie variety show Wellington

Brielle Williams and Eli Joseph – Producers

A dynamic duo from way back when these 2 colourful performers come producers (and back again) are here to put together a showcase of beauty, belly laughs, butt-er-sice, just a blindingly good time all round.