Upcoming shows are:
Saturday the 28th July, 8pm at the Opera House
Saturday the 29th of September, 8pm at The Fringe Bar
Saturday the 24th of November, 8pm at The Fringe Bar

Come along, it won’t be the same without you.

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When you come to see a show

You’ll find us at The Fringe, 26 Allen St, Wellington, New Zealand 6011

It’s not all about us

There are a whole lot of other people we love and think you should check out.

The Juice Lab designed our logo and posters, give them some love on the Juice Lab Facebook Page

We love the show photos we get from Paradox Photography, Roxy at Paradox always gets amazing shots in difficult conditions and is a dream to work with.

Another amazing photographer we love is AJ Photography, an absolute winner for both event and studio photos.

What’s happening in Wellington

We love all cabaret, Wellington has another regular show: Cabaret L’amour. So if The Menagerie isn’t on, perhaps you could catch that. Cabaret L’amour is run by the phenomenal Courtney L’amour who also runs classes at Studio L’amour, a burlesque troupe Les Folies de L’amour, and regular night for new burlesque acts; Burlesque Baby.

Another regular burlesque and cabaret show is Caburlesque, it’s every 2nd month at The Fringe Bar.

Keep an eye out for the shenanigans of Wellington collective Vaudeville Inc. they create pop-up speakeasys and story-arc burlesque productions in strange spaces.

Wellington has plenty fantastic comedy. Check out Raw Meat Mondays and Dank Comedy at The Fringe Bar. For the weirdest stuff go to Hard Cases Open Mic Night every Thursday at S&Ms Bar.

And if you are into spoken word poetry as much as we are you must check out Poetry in Motion on the first Wednesday of the month at Meow.